Rapid Progress

Lingo House DMCC believes in helping students make rapid progress. The innovative tailor-made programs will allow the students to maximize their learning opportunities.


One to One

Lingo House DMCC believes in getting to know the students on a personal level, as people and learners. Therefore, the institute very carefully controls the numbers of students in each class to ensure that each student can receive a personalized education program and play an active role in the classroom.


Convenient Timing

Lingo House DMCC offers Group, Private and Corporate classes in the morning, afternoon and evening 6 days a week.


Flexible Curriculum

Lingo House DMCC provides flexible curriculum; our teachers are given the freedom to choose the best teaching materials to meet the need and requirements of their students. Programs will unfold at a pace that suits students, ensuring they have a good understanding of a certain area, before going onto the next.


Language Specialists

Lingo House DMCC only recruits the most talented and experienced language specialists. Our teachers have taught around the world and have a wealth of experience in providing lessons of superior quality and are passionate about their work.


Lasting Friendships

Come to Lingo House DMCC and see the difference.