Why Learn A Language?

We provide high quality language instruction in a friendly, home-like setting.

  • To develop your linguistic intelligence
  • To better understand the rest of humankind
  • To show cultural respect
  • To enlarge your networking
  • To have a better career
  • To have a bigger view of the world
  • To have a greater confidence
  • To have a bilingual or trilingual brain
  • To become smarter
  • To have more friends
  • To enjoy traveling
  • To stretch your brain and give it a boost
  • To help people in need
  • To say ‘Hola’ in Spanish!
  • To say ‘Shukran’ in Arabic!
  • To say ‘Please’ in English!
  • To say ‘Au revoir’ in French!
  • To challenge yourself
And finally if like us you’re a bit of a linguaholic/linguaphile or whatever you call someone who is fascinated by
languages and enjoys learning them, then ONE LANGUAGE IS NEVER ENOUGH!

Cultural Roundtable Discussion

We meet with our students, teachers and native speaker guests on Saturdays to enjoy a typical brunch and to discuss cultural issues of interest. The Table is an excellent opportunity to practice and improve the language oral fluency and culture (idioms, colloquialism, etc.) in an engaging, casual and fun context.